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Aria and the gang get to experience a small taste of Amissionian life and actually see the place from a different perspective this time? Maybe it's not as bad as Aria initially thought, and Pebble and Hauch will try their best to convince her that maybe it's a good place to stay!
Lots of fun people and good food to eat~
But Aria still has a lot in her head, and too many questions and things she doesn't know.

To be continued..!

Got some distractions this week but I'm still trying my best to focus on this chapter~!
Also, as usual guys! If you notice some mistakes, spelling or grammar (since english isn't my first language), or maybe advice or suggestions for the pages, feel free to let me know~! Thanks!



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Remember you can read pretty much all of the comic up to chapter 5 on tapas

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Death of Ink

They really want Aria to stay, cause no one bothers to read a comic if Aria isn't in it anymore...