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It took me a while, I was originally going to draw something with Hornet included, because of course, then thought of the bench, but everyone draws HK fanart chilling in the bench. So in the end I went for an idea regarding one of the bosses I remember the most cause of the really cool foreshadowing and context of it.
Although then again, most bosses in HK are really cool too.

I really liked the game a lot, I really should play it again.

So thanks again for voting! The "horns" poll theme was quite fun and it was a nice surprise that Hollow Knight won over all the gacha waifus, there's faith in democracy, haaa, hope you like it~!




You absolutely nailed it!


OMG look at that ground! Everything's good, especially how you captured the sense of depth from the game, but that ground is especially amazing.


This is amazing, you nailed the atmosphere perfectly! Do you have any plan to make it available as merch (i.e. prints etc.)?


Hollow Knight art from you is the absolute best 🙏🙏


Soo good!!


Nailed it! Like I said, Hollow Knight's art style fits yours like a glove. 👌