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So this one's a long pending one that I was just able to finish recently haa!

A very fun, and classic scenario for Aria, never missing out on the slippery squirmy fun.
Long pending finished colored comm of the sketches I'm including there, one being more recent, and the last one is actually very old, I'm sure you'll see.

Went for a more colorful style this time around rather than the usual dark, hope you like it~!




A classic scenario for her, lol


I like it


>////< she’s living the dream

Yiyin Vargas

Every time I see your art I get the feeling you want to make your own Doujinshi which I would love too


Now this is a throwback I didn't know I needed until now.


Should we expect a variation more accurate to, ahem... one of the sketches?


No please the stalkings stay on

Conte De Mauris

I beg you Paroro, continue and colour with your style this whole old series of cartoons ❤️😍🤯


I love ur artstyle, it's so unique!! <3 Please, we need more Aria Stuff. I'm addicted to her!!! x:


I love the evolution of your art. I'll always have a soft spot for the old style since TCC was my introduction to you, but I'm so happy to see how even the best artists keep growing.


Waw so cool !

Lynk Rtkos

i'm loving this one :) I hope she's doing ok there