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A little late, but here, finally finished the latest poll winner from March, sorry friends but I just came back from a convention yesterday, which slowed me down a bit!

So, thank you once again for the fun ideas, and for the fun chance to draw some of my OCs that don't get as much of a spotlight as others , so I really hope you like it~!

Kaz is gonna have a lot to deal with after the mess that Cerise is making, but she can handle it, right? If not, it's gonna be really good material for tiktok, probably.




"Really good material for tik tok" HAHAHA, she must always make this an influencer thing!~ XD


I'm really happy to see my suggestion made it to a full pic and it came out even better than I'd thought, you really knocked it out of the park on this one man


Next to Kaz, Cerise has to be one of my favorite characters. She's just so ADORABLE and I love the little sister dynamic. Awawawa great work <3


With Aria gone for now, someone has to be the character who messes with the Dark Arts.


What the eldritch abom gon do