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It's been a while since I did one of the "you name the idea, I name the OC" style of poll! ✨

And after Kaz and Amora had their turn, now it's time for Cerise🍒, Kaz's little sister, who isn't in the spotlight as often as the other girls, some of you may remember her from the Negative Frames comics too.

Feel free to name a scenario, outfit, or overall idea that you'd like to suggest for her and I'll put it on the poll in a couple days!

These kind of polls are somewhat experimental so sometimes results can be combined into something fun.
She's somewhat of a prankster, likes to tease Kaz, and isn't really scared easily of creepy stuff; she loves bugs too!

I feel I have to make a disclaimer though, since she's an underage character, I won't include any suggestive/fanservice this time around!

Poll will be up on March 19th!



Deep rock galactic cerise mining minerals and playing with loot bugs


Cerise and Nicholas cosplaying as characters from "The liar princess and the blind prince"