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First week of march, first batch of sketches~!

Classics and new faces too, a fun mix of fanart and OCs like usual, I hope you like them~! Thanks for the patience as well !

- Ghost girl OC (Sorry I didn't get her name!)
- Asmodeus (OC)
- Aether Foundation Employee (Pokemon)
- Chloe (Fire Emblem Engage)
- Monika (Granblue Fantasy)
- Aria (my OC) wearing the virgin destroyer sweater

As usual, file attached !



Matthew Burch

That’s a great sweater Aria


[Me remembering the last reference to the virgin destroyer sweater Paro made]: "The prophecy has come true"

Death of Ink

Aria how I love you!!!

Kage Ryu 「カゲリュ」

Monika finally getting the cake she's been asking about every EM level up brings joy to my heart; thank you, Parororo~ Also that Chloe is a nice surprise.