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Sorry for the delays friends, busy days as usual~!
But here I am with more sketches, and more to come later~!
Hope you've been well and february has been a good month for you all~

- Giantess Fox Girl (OC) sorry I didn't get her name~!
- Aria (my OC) on the losing end of a mean snow fight !
- Forte (Granblue Fantasy)
- Death (Puss in Boots 2) cool looking wolf fella

- Zucchini (Alpaca's OC) cause today it's actually her birthday!
Or.. was! I mean, it's on february 21, but I'm only online now after a day of celebrating with her, I had these sketches done before then~

Thanks for your support!



Matthew Burch

Holy crap! That Aria sketch deserves some colors!

Death of Ink

Hang on, that's not safe! Aria could suffer from some really bad frost bite that way!!


ZUCCHINIIIIIII!!!!!!! Also, Aria naked in the snow? Yes please!!!~💖💖💖

Kage Ryu 「カゲリュ」

Forteee~<3 And oh no, poor Aria! Will give her hugs to warm her and shield her from the snowballs being pelted at her.


I'd say Aria lost a hell of a lot more than just a snowball fight. 0_o Good thing she still has that scarf to keep her warm. . . -ish.