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I'm a little late, sorry aaaAa, busy days!  But yeah, Valentine's around the corner so I really liked the idea of giving some characters a second chance at life to be chosen~  

So,💔 One-sided, Unrequited Love is the theme this time! 💔  

(Disclaimer, as usual , for this kind of poll, I -don't- know most of these characters so, I trust you guys did read the theme when suggesting, I always do a little wiki-researching to see if they're valid, or ask around, so don't hate me if sometimes it's a vague or unclear case!  Also, I apologize if this includes minor spoilers too.. maybe next time I'll go back to a classic poll centering about visual features instead)

So who will be your valentine's?
Multiple votes allowed!
Poll ends on Feb. 16th!



Obvious winner


I'll take anything over genshin that's been winning polls a little too much imo.


Aw man I want shampoo from Ranma 1/2 so badly