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I'm a little late but finally catching up with art!

So for the next Valentine's , it's time for the next poll suggestions!

This time the theme is...

💔 One-sided Love! 💔
or Unrequited Love, or Second fiddle, broken-hearted too, you get the idea!

So, first of all, please let's try to avoid heavy spoilers~!
Let's give some unlucky characters a second chance at being chosen for the next poll!
Feel free to suggest your favorite characters who never ended up being with who they wanted~!

Poll will be up in Feb. 10th!
One suggestion per person! (
You can still change it as long as the poll isn't up!)



Noelle and Asta - Black Clover


Faye from Fire Emblem. Of course my pick doesn't come to mind until after the deadline, but posting it anyway on the faint chance it's not too late since the poll isn't up.