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Happy holidays friends, I hope that you had a happy xmas if you celebrate it, I've been having a good time and it's all good and jolly, just catching up with the usual sketches as always!
So speaking of which, I have here what will most likely be the last sketch batch (like this) of the year, so thank you again for supporting me this long, and hope you still get to stay, I hope next year will be even better~!

- Shaala (OC) getting a well deserved head pat~
- Ian (OC) spinning a gun~
- Dang (Runescape OC) getting ready to celebrate New Years~
- Noz (my OC) as a very cute maid~
- Kirigiri (Danganronpa) and Blaze the Cat (Sonic) swapping sexy outfits~

Hope you like it!




Yo voy a estar yendo y viniendo porque vivo en Argentina y el peso anda devaluadísimo pero bueno, quiero apoyarte siempre que pueda porque SOS GENIAAAAAAL