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Septembers reward for patreon TibsCove!

Feat. their favorite OC/Sona Tibby! Being an absolute WRECK after trying to get too many cool points, poor Tibs he lost all his street credit in one go.

F in the chat.

  • 1- Early Sketch: 1st we draw in the original basic sketch the basic pose we wanna go for (except  we gotta check if it needs any tweaks later)
  • 2-Lineart: Then comes the clean detailed lines on top of the sketch!
  • 3- Flat colors: Then I fill in all the lines with the basic colors for the character!
  • 4- Gradients: With the colors in, I add an extra shade of darker and lighter tones on each one.
  • 5- Shading: Then comes the shadows and highlights, done in several colored layers with different settings.
  • 6- Lighting effects: I add simple glow and extra shadow effects.
  • 7- Background and extras: Last but not least I add a little extra something like a spotlight for a funnier setting!



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