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Final Product post 

July reward for Patreon Dustiko!

Feat. another new design for a Pokemon OC of theirs called Velvet, a male biker Lugia dude who seems like a tough guy.

  • 1- Sketch: The 1st sketch was done with Velvet as a woman, (my bad, force of habit lol). But basically everything else was fine.
  • 2- Final sketch: I removed the woman features and tried to change the bodyshape to befit a man more, even if it's still supposed to be really chunky.
  • 3- Flat colors: Now I color all the parts here, the design for this lugia has the colors inverted so instead of being white for the skin and pink for the belly (as usual) it's the inverse!
  • 4- Extra touches: Lastly I color some lines in the sketch to be able to properly see the darker colored objects.



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