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次の話を選んでください。/ 請選擇下一段故事。/ 다음 이야기를 골라주세요.

Choose the piece you want to know about the next story. I'll try to be a more interesting story. Thank you always. If you have a story you want to see separately, please write it down. I'll add it to the next vote. It is selected mainly from the ideas and genres you recommended.

次の話が知りたい作品を選んでください。 もっと面白い話になるように頑張ります。 いつもありがとうございます 。  別に見たい話があったら、コメントで書いてください。 次の投票に追加するようにします。おすすめのアイデアとジャンルを中心に選定されます。

請選擇對以下故事感興趣的作品。 我會努力成爲更有趣的故事。 每時每刻都在感謝您。 如果有想看地話請留言。 下次再進行投票。主要選擇大家選擇的創意和體裁。

다음의 이야기가 궁금한 작품을 골라주세요. 더 재미있는 이야기가 될 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다. 항상 감사합니다. 따로 보고 싶은 이야기가 있다면 댓글로 적어주세요. 다음 투표에 추가하도록 하겠습니다. 추천해주신 아이디어와 장르 위주로 선정됩니다.

1. Fusion sex / 融合セックス / 융합 섹스 [ Fusion / 融合 ] 19likes


2. physical extortion / 肉体強奪 / 육체강탈 [ headswap / 挿げ替え ] 14likes


3. Transformation / 変身 / 변신 [ transformation / 他者変身 ] 13likes


4. Transformation hero / 変身ヒーロー / 변신히어로 [ transformation / 他者変身 ] 13likes


5. Multiple ring / 複数のリング / 다중 링 [ possessed / 乗っ取り ] 12likes


6. Curse item / 呪いアイテム / 저주아이템 [ Futanari / ふたなり ] 12likes


7. TF panties / 変身パンツ / 變身內褲 / 변신 팬티 [ transformation / 他者変身 ] 12likes


8. a transformation technician / 変身術師 / 변신술사 [ Fusion / 融合 ] 12likes


9. a skin dealer / 革売り商 / 가죽판매상 [ skinsuit / 皮モノ ] 11likes


10. Infection / 伝染 / 전염 [ Slime / スリム ] 10likes




The best is 10. Next best is 5,3,8,6,4. The reasons are (1) High degree of originality The best works are those with a high degree of originality by Mr. tslove, which are difficult to produce by other producers. The slime series such as 10 is remarkable. (2) Many beautiful women appear. The appearance of multiple beautiful women in a work makes the work more attractive. By having multiple beautiful women, it is possible to perform various situations within a single theme. As there is a diversification of tastes, it is easier to come across a situation that matches more easily. This is because it is easier to come across a situation that matches the preferences of the participants and to make a more detailed request for the next time. If the situation matches a particular theme, it is of course better to focus on one beautiful girl. 10 and 5 have a strong tendency to do so. (3) Reality in fantasy nature A thing that is fantasy at its best, or a thing that has fantasy but also has reality. or a thing that has fantasy but also has reality. The healthy brain (that does not commit crimes due to a lack of respect or affection for others) will not be able to focus on the fantasy of a thing that is fantastical. The healthy brain (that does not commit crimes due to a lack of respect for others or lack of emotion) likes For example A side effect is that the breasts become larger, the lid becomes larger (even if only temporarily), and so on. The most common elements that can be easily connected to these elements are fusion, transformation, possession, skinsuit, slime, etc. From these elements, it is possible to construct I recommend 10 as the first, followed by 5,3,8,6,4. Thank you very much for reading this far.


Thank you for your sincere review. I will continue to make hard work and refer to your opinion.