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Break's over so it's time for poll suggestions!

- Include name and what fandom they are from (e.g. John Blacksad from Blacksad), you can write as many as you want!

- If there's a specific image you want me to use, include a link

- No minors or feral creatures

- I'm fine with humans/robots/monsters/pretty much any furry species

- I'm also ok with Blacksad/Rimba Racer characters, however, I will only include max. 2 picks in the poll

- I do not choose based on how many upvotes it has, but rather on the design. However, if more people suggest the same character, the chance they get in increases

- If your character was in a previous poll, they won't be picked again unless it's been at least 2 months

- Monthly poll piece is always NSFW, but if you'd prefer a SFW piece, please mention it

Ends 6th February 12AM CET




Volibear and/or Ornn from League of Legends.


Leo (Anarchy Reigns) NSFW Jace Beleren (Magic the Gathering) NSFW Ral Zarek (Magic the Gathering) NSFW Vraska (Magic the Gathering) SFW or NSFW Lady T (Area 21 "Pogo" video) SFW Voruna (Warframe) NSFW or SFW