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i'm probably gonna get hate for this, but i've been meaning to make a girls-only poll for a while, since they never won in previous monthly polls (which is understandable since i focus on gay content). and i just really wanna practice girls 🙏

the piece will most likely be a pin-up or SFW, since i discovered that i don't really enjoy drawing them in NSFW scenarios, but we'll see.

ends 8th January 12AM CET



Renee my beloved


It's a good idea to make a separate poll for females if you want to get more practice drawing female bodies. You should ask for suggestions for these polls too if you need some ideas. Your audience may surprise you with some good recommendations.


i can't imagine making another poll, as i already have the monthly one (where people pretty much get 2 winners) and the bonus one. and since i'll be working on a comic for the next few months...yeah, don't wanna get burned out. it's a good suggestion though.


Definitely important to work without burning yourself out! Maybe if you're looking for females to draw just ask for suggestions for a drawn exercises but make no promises to making a complete picture or even a sketch if you can't get to it.


freya my beloved. yu and anessix i love u too but freya is a standout star