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I originally planned to release a smaller 1.31.2 update, but I kinda kept adding new stuff and now it's easily big enough to be called 1.32.

This update adds a slow-motion option so you can easily make slowmo interpolations without having to adjust framerates or needing extra tools.

It also fixes and improves a lot of stuff regarding image sequence exports - WEBP export was fixed and auto-encode now also works for image sequences.

ProRes also got some fixes - Alpha now works (when using 4444/4444xq presets) and it is no longer locked to YUV420 colors.

Last but not least, I finally set up a USA-based download server for the setup and for model files, so users who are closer Missouri than to Germany should now have better speeds and/or fewer connection problems when downloading files.





I can't seem to find the slow-motion option


in the "output fps and speed" option in the "interpolation" front page , you should see "normal speed" on the right , click on that you'll see the option


great job man, I'm gonna try this option very soon, thank you very much!


I have a problem about download Dain model. Canceled: Error: Failed to download index file. Help me!!!