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Quite a big update once again - and for the first time on Patreon, bundled in the brand new Flowframes Installer!

This update adds another AVI codec, FPS limiting now also works for image sequence outputs (will export fewer frames so you can manually encode), there's an option to import video frames as JPEG instead of PNG (after some research, I concluded that this is usually worth it as there is almost no quality loss, but the files are much smaller). Then there's a whole bunch of UI/UX improvements as well as a new icon!


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Hi! I have the latest version installed, but it says that it's up to date (1.24.6), how can I download this new version? Thanks, great job!


You can download the new one regardless, that was just a mistake on my end that I just fixed. The link to 1.24 is at the top of this post.


I can't install this because my domain has a group policy prohibiting unsigned executables :(


Two issues - first is that de-duplication with option "1: After Extraction" often deletes all frames: "[Deduplication] Done. Kept 33367 (∞%) frames, deleted -33367 frames"


Second issue: if the original video is 23.97602FPS, Interpolation is set to X2, then Maximum Output Framerate is set to 24FPS, AND real-time de-duplication is set, the resulting video ends up shorter/plays faster than the original video by a good margin e.g 17m23s vs 21min11sec - almost as if the de-duplicated frames were dropped but never interpolated... Might be useful to have an option to go from 23.97602 to 24FPS with de-duplication for animation


Is there any possibility to do an interpolation from 23,98 TO 30 or similar? In fact, having the option to create more frames to complete frame rate to another upper standard instead of duplicate it.