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Just when I thought I got rid of all the bugs, I discovered a few more.

This one should be the most stable Flowframes build ever :P

It fixes some rare bugs like audio transfer not working with trimming, MKV muxing failing if the input has no attached metadata, and CUDA implementations not starting if running on CPU or a GPU that wasn't detected by Flowframes.

There's also a new quality-of-life feature: GIF exports now always get automatically downsampled to 50 FPS if your output framerate is higher. This means you don't need to change the "Maximum Output Framerate" option every time you export a GIF.

Full changelog on Discord and in Flowframes.

Password can be viewed by going to your membership tab on my creator page.


Enter Password - Icedrive



Am i dumb or what, the password doesn't work :(


g? no it sarts with I


Where are you getting your password from? It's on the membership tab.


The link doesn't work. I just get taken to a page that says "Bandwidth limit exceeded"


Woah, looks like my 4TB was already exceeded. I will post a working link tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.


I'm having an issue with audio sync. Doing a 24->48 interpolation with AC3 causes the output audio to be late by about 2 seconds. Input is a theatrical 23.97602 FPS h.264 MKV with AC3 audio. Using RIFE 2.3 and h.264 output. This happens whether the output is in a .MP4 or .MKV container. I went back to 1.23.3 and it also happens there, so it isn't a new 1.24.6 bug. I've done a ton of jobs with Flowframes with AAC audio and no issues so presumably this is specific to AC3.


It'd be fire if the download wasn't less than 50kb a second :(


What country are you in, and what browser do you use? It works fine here.