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So, Pre-Release 2 was kinda broken, so here's a new update that should work better. Might be the final release if there are no bugs I missed.

Scene change transitions work perfectly again, and some problems in step-by-step mode were fixed.

Full changelog on Discord and in Flowframes.

The in-app updater will still say that 1.23.4 is the latest version as this is an incomplete Pre-Release.

Password can be viewed by going to your membership tab on my creator page.


Enter Password - Icedrive



Damn you're faster than light, thanks for your hard work man!


I hope its okay to post this here. But I'm having an issue with the application. It "runs out of vram" whenever I attempt to process a 1080p video. Any other resolution, high or low works fine. 4K, 720p. etc. But 1080p always results in running out of vram somehow. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue but I figured it would be best to report it.


Can't find Pre-Release #3 on "icedrive. There are only 1 and 2