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This update adds the RIFE 2.4 model to both RIFE-CUDA and NCNN.

Do note that in my personal experience, 2.3 is a little bit better, so if you use CUDA, you should probably stick to 2.3.

The update also fixes image sequence inputs not working due to the locked input FPS being 0.

Full changelog on Discord and in Flowframes.

Password can be viewed by going to your membership tab on my creator page.


Enter Password - Icedrive



Thank You N00MKRAD


If you could, please use "_RIFE" for the file name instead of "-RIFE" because the latter will be be entirely omitted from some applications such as Telegram app.


I noticed a "resumedata" folder, is this still a WIP or can it be used in some way? Hate losing hours of progress when something goes wrong etc


In today's update I added an option to customize the filename pattern, so you will be able to do this!