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This one took a bit longer, but it's also quite a bit bigger than originally planned!

As mentioned on Discord, the resuming feature was postponed (again lol) but there's tons of other great stuff.

Fast Mode makes RIFE at least 20% faster on RTX cards, video inputs can be trimmed, multiple audio tracks can be transferred from the input, and the quick settings tab provides faster access to frequently used options like deduplication and looping.  

Full changelog on Discord and in Flowframes.

Password can be viewed in your membership tab.


Enter Password - Icedrive



"Password can be viewed in your membership tab." ????


Click on your profile picture top right. Click on my profile. Click on N00MLRADs name, and the tab is there. Wish it was easier.


Hey, great work on a GUI. Tried DAIN before, it was a bit annoying to setup. But for freeware, I guess I can't complain too much. 5900X + 3070 + NVME, no bottle-necks hardware wise interpolating 30FPS 4k to 60FPS. Should something be maxed out? CPU ~ 60%, GPU ~ 20%. Could just be a testament to the hardware.