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Hello! Today this little series of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid's characters continues, where we will see Kobayashi at the feet of each of them. This time we see Kobayashi inside the shoe of Ilulu (or Iruru, if you prefer), on her fourth day as a shrink! It couldn't be a month until there was another dragon on the scene, so I decided to make 2 captions this time, all for our beloved Ilulu. Also remember that there is only one dragon left, so the end is near! Finally, I hope you like it!

Hola! Hoy continúa esta pequeña serie de los personajes de Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, donde veremos a Kobayashi a los pies de cada una de ellas. En esta ocación vemos Kobayashi el el zapato de Ilulu (o Iruru, si prefieren), en su cuarto día como una encogida! No podía pasar un mes hasta que hubiera otra dragona en escena, así que decidí hacer 2 captions esta vez, todo sea por nuestra querida Ilulu. También recuerden que sólo queda una dragona, así que el final está cerca! En fin, espero que les guste!




When you make Miss Kobayashi's dragon maid Into a comic I hope it will be more heart warming and less torture. Preferably, no torture.


I can't make everything 100% kind, but the tone of the series wouldn't allow me to do something so sadistic, plus I wouldn't want the characters to suffer too much.