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For those of you guys who didn't know (I wrote a post about it but removed it a month ago) I've been having problems with my patreon. And as a drastic solution I had to temporarily overhaul and completely change my patreon. which is why you see some of my past content has disappeared. 

Good news, I've now received my payments, so the situation is better. I'm still not entirely sure if the problem has completely gone away though, so I'm going to leave my patreon as it is for a week or so. And if it seems to be fixed, I'll redo my patreon again and bring back the old posts. 

If no other problems occur, I'll hopefully have something out by the end of this month.  

Thank you for everyone's patience.



I'm happy for you and for us I love your content though, and thank you for keeping us informed


Good to hear the uncertainty is almost over maybe we could get some D.va to celebrate 😏


Welcome back ^^/ Good to hear that, we love you content, thanks for every updates


Glad your problems seem to have gone away! You are the animation king, in my book. Appreciate so much that you take the time to do hairy versions, such a rarity in animation, unfortunately, and yours is so realistic. I also think its great when you make multiple loops for the same animation, like Tifa From Behind. #HairyTifa

Raze Lei

Can you republish the content that has disappeared? I'm here for those classic videos.