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Just quickly showing off what I have with the tifa model so far.

I didn't think i'd be showing her off this early, as she isn't complete. But I just spent the last hour or so playing with her, and putting her in some silly/obscene poses. So I thought I'd quickly show off some of the results I had of her. Btw, the pictures all took like 5 mins each to create, and something I did just for fun. Sorry if you're not a fan of Tifa ahegao.

Right now, the model is almost complete. The nude body was edited by me to be as close a her canon proportions and dimensions as possible. So I'd like to think that this is near enough the closest we can get to seeing what she'd look like, canonically nude. I used an entirely new model to create this body, rather than using my D.Va model. Although, they do share some resemblance, but thats only due to my tastes more than anything.

The clothes can be attached and removed and can be posed with the rest of the model. I removed the shorts and gave her panties instead. They are black right now, but i'm thinking of changing their color. Maybe white, or pink.

All that I have left to do is to improve on the materials of her clothes and her skin. I'd like to give her just abit of a tan, and maybe try to make her skin more realistic. I also may or may not try remesh her hair to look more realistic, like I did for my D.va and Marie Rose models. However, Tifa's original hair is pretty realistic already, so I might not do that, just to save time. Also, I will try to add Pubic hair. That is very important.

It will still be afew days before the model is ready and usable in an animation. But I cannot wait to start doing things with her, and sharing all I do with you guys.



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