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I have some more minor ideas/changes that i'd like to make for my Patreon.

A new tier

I want to change the rewards a bit. This is something that I want to experiment with:

  • So I want to make a new $3 tier. The reward for this tier will simply be 2 to 3 days early access to 720p watermarked animations, as well as the $1 rewards.
  • $5 tiers will also get the 720p early access as well.
  • $10 tiers will not be changed; They have 2 to 3 days early access to the 1080p non watermarked animations (and 720p watermarked).
  • early preview images will now be posted onto my twitter for public to see. This will hopefully help advertise my patreon to my twitter followers.

I'd like to hear people's thoughts about this new tier, or any other ideas that I could do to my tiers/rewards.

charge up front

So one thing i've done, I've changed the payment method to 'charge up front'. For those who don't know what that means: Now, when you become patron, you'll get charged the moment you join, when previously you'd just be charged at the beginning of next month. I feel like I now have enough patreon content to now justify this change. This change also stops alot of people from accessing my patreon content for free, which was a big problem. This change shouldn't affect preexisting patrons, hopefully.

New goals

I think what alot of people would like to see is for sound to be added to my animations. I'm not too good at adding sound myself, so I would like to work with some of the existing sound engineers. This will mean that most of my animations will be released with sound. This will include 1080p animations as well. I can't promise 100% that this will work, as this will depend on whether I can find a suitable sound engineer, and also my ability to communicate and work with other people. I'll try my best though.

I also want to do smut animations for a job indefinitely, so I added a goal indicating this.

A new Reward

A reward that I want to add (that I probably should of added much earlier) is access to the mega folder of all my non watermarked 720p/1080p animations. The reason why this wasn't already a patreon reward, was that I had to think of a way to make the files only accessible to patrons on that month, and to patrons of the correct tiers. Easy solution: At the start of every month, I'll change the links of my Mega folders, and then make a post to give the new links my patreons. I'll do this for both the non-watermarked 720p, and the 1080p videos At the start of every month.

Next Animations

A new exhibition date with d.va animation is out in a few days; I Don't know if I'll start my $3 tier Idea here. Then maybe a shooting star d.va animation. Afterwards, I'm thinking a new Zelda animation, or I might finish off that X-ray d.va project I had going on.



Awesome! I really dig the changes. Out of curiosity, will 1080p still be available for 5$ supporters after the 3 day period or will we need to upgrade our tier? I'm also totally for a sound project being included, your animations are too good to be soundless (I've seen people on twitter adding third-party sound, like lerico, it'a quite good!)


yeah $5 tiers will still get the 1080p animations. All tiers stay the same as they are, but a new tier where anyone over $3 will also get 720p early.