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Hello. I hope you're having a very good day.

It has been almost 3 weeks since I moved to get my surgery done. Today it was my 4th doctor appointment since that day and seems the recovery is going fine.

The wound had been healing correctly and without signs of infection or things like that. Sadly, I'm not able to go back home yet, and seems it would be like that for a while. The doctor will remove the points they made for the suture in two weeks. But even with that he thinks it may take another two weeks or so until I'm able to retake my normal activities.

So, they calculate I've been begining to do low risk stuffs around July 15. So, it means this next month will be... Slow as well.

I feel between embarrassed and worried about this. Being art (commissions, YCH and Patreon) my main (and only) income, it's something hard to think that i won't be able to do so for more time. But at the same time, I don't want to take the risk of commiting a mistake that may turn into a second operation intervention.

So, this next month it's up to you.
I'll let the July pledges as normal if you want to support me here next month. If you want to lower the pledge, go ahead. Even if you want to cancel your subscription, I'll understand, I know supporting an artist is hard and more if they're not creating art.

All of you have done incredible for me and I just have no words to say thanks to everyone here and in all the platforms. I've read all of your messages and they means a lot to me.

Love you all. Thanks for reading.

(Original drawing made by Аристарх)




No worries here, I'm not going anywhere and I won't lower my pledge. Just focus on recovering!