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(The first post was deleted because I'm silly and I forgot to add one of the options!!! )

I would like to know if you would like to see which one(s) of the next sketches are your favorite, so I can plan (part) of the content that will be coming in the future.

We have Bär getting "the cow's tongue"

Ranthalos in a wall trophy being tickled on his soles

Kaz showing us "How to identificate a T. rex"

Dire werewolf from Fortnite

And Herra Hevisaurus at the mercy of the brush torment!

Feel free to pick more than one, and don´t forget to drop a comment about tools/techniques to make alt versions for this guys!

*Check this posts or the attached files to see the sketches please!



** nooooo i mistyped one if the options to vote! Please just ignore that little detail and let's continue with our lives okay? :D



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