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Ahhh I just saw this screenshot of Dire smiling and I cannot resist to tickle him! How could I? <333

I should draw Polar Patroller (again) too




Hooo funny character here X3... well want my mind ? He is a wolf right ? So the best and the most humiliate thing for him is to tie him up in the grass with wood-pick for tie the restraining on his ankles and wrists and put him in a X position. After what... you put sole honay on his feet and let sole Sheep licking his pads when the Guardian dog from the sheep will take care of our wolf by scratching his armpits with his frontpaw 's claws X3 the most humiliate situation for our poor wolf ! Tickle tortured by his prey and theyr Guardian èwé !


Yeah it's evill gehehehe );3... but it's when tickle are evil than it's fun right ? X3...