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As you know, this tier includes a free monthly inked picture of you like.

It's only that from last week I've been asking about the ideas to make them, but haven´t got response from some of you.

If you're a HyperHyena and have told me your idea or I've gave you
your montly picture, please ignore the part above.

For all the persons that haven´t send me the idea I must say that I need to check with the platform that I'm respecting the benefits of the tiers, and i don´t want to receive strikes or something because I haven´t marked all as complete before April 1.

If you have not given me your idea, you have until April 6 (one week since the release of this post) to send me what you want in the picture, so I can organize the patreon post, regular pictures and patreon rewards.  if I don´t receive it, I'll consider that you're not interested in the march lineart, so we'll be working on april's one :3

Thanks for reading. Hope you understand.

-Update: For all the Hyper hyenas, please, send me your ideas before April 15. So 15 days to think on the ideas, and 15 to make it.


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