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"Most women are weaklings who can't get past how unpleasant it starts off but I didn't care about the pain. I was overtaken by a desire that could not be satiated no matter the position. Thanks to whatever Azula had done to me, I was able to reach heights of ecstasy that I couldn't have imagined before. I just needed a warm body. Zuko was only the start."

We are almost to the end. I won't keep you in suspense. In the next two pages Toph finds out that her womb has been repaired and that she is indeed pregnant with Azula's child. Once I get these last two pages done. There is going to be a super secret final page that I won't reveal until everything's colored. So at page 99, I'm going to back, add some pages, fix some things, redo some things and then the comic is finally all pencilled. From here on out it will be much much quicker.  




Are you taking commissions right now?


no, sorry. I am focused on this, and the commissions that I already have. They are closed atm. I do not know when they will open. I just want to finish this.