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What's up jabronis. Introducing the characters for the next project, I hope you like them! There's something for everyone, a hunk, a twink, and a fat dude! What more could a girl want

It's cool Cossie, you can keep your penis snug in it's wolf pouch. The wooly sheepses and goats gruff are top at this gym, but is that why you went there?  ૮꒰ ●ܫ● ꒱ა 




Do you do commissions by any chance?


Do I heated wolf getting spit-roasted by sheep or Wolf getting threesome dominant two sheep at same time. Wolf pounds alpha sheep while sheep blow other sheep or Hump train Wolf in one sheep while fuck the other infront of him.


I love the sheep character! As a guy with big hips, it's so cool to see that in a character's design. Would you ever feature a trans guy in your animations or is that just not your thing? c: