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Lee is RIGHT About Canute and his (Mental Gymnastics). Great talk on how being a KING messes with the person taking up the mantal.


You forgot Canute in szn1 changed after despising god and said ima create a utopia. You guys are right it’s mental gymnastics but the foundation in the begin is for lost love ( from god, his own father, ragnar)


my man canute be watching death note and code geass so now he on that anti-hero trip

Mufid Lassissi

Yeah these takes are weird. I’m confused on what new information was provided here. Canute it’s taken over territories to creat a land without as much inner conflicts . So he was always going to use his army to subjugate . And this dudes low-key forgot season 1. Jomsvikings not enough for 1 man thorgil?


I love it when characters who seem brutish are actually insanely intelligent. You would not expect a blood crazed maniac like Thorgil to turn into Sherlock Holmes, but that just shows you why he's so dangerous.


Also remember snake said they only need 50 to 60 men to take over the farm so I’m assuming Canute with 100 is about to squad wipe them and Thorfinn is about to intervene right pls ?!😅


I actually like how you said “also remember” doesn’t have the condensing feeling that we made a mistake again lol , just adding additional information to remember. I appreciate this presentation. (At the time of this reply there is no condescending post cuz i removed it lol fyi)


Exactly brother. Suddenly peaked my interest as a character to enjoy. In like 4 minutes hahaha, had a character turn for me


Same mic. Probably the denois setting was not use. You hearing static? Lol. Its the same exact mike since then lol.