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OMG, she's finally done!! Hope you like her!

Download: https://mega.nz/file/lVFVQIrD#wTGzqU_0maBwCpBLwJzxBdPCoqTMdpBjsY7dgNeg9Sg

Meet Kira, a modern werewolf!

She's smart, she sweet, she's strong... but this "good girl" isn't man's best friend! And she sure as heck isn't loyal.... she was born to breed.

Where did this unique creature come from? Using AI to drive gene hybridization, researchers sought to combine dog DNA with that of Canis rufus, the red wolf, in a bid to help save this endangered species by increasing hardiness and sex drive.
Unfortunately, they didn't realize that a human cell had contaminated one sample, replacing the dog portion of the genotype, until the gestator showed serious anatomical abnormalities...

Officially, the embryo was destroyed - but several months later, the biotech firm's CEO gifted his son a very unique pet.

The son, Isaiah, is a pretty entitled rich kid, and strong-arms his classmate Brian into dog-sitting while he skips school for the Caribbean for a week...

Short captioned story in the photos above.


Kira is "modular"! She has multiple morphs: Head, Hands, Feet, Breasts, and a general physique "tweak", so you can adjust her wolfishness however you like - for a less lupine and more monster-y look, I recommend setting her wolf head to 80%, and you can choose for yourself if you like her "six-pack".

Her fur (hair) also comes in four pieces: Ears, Head, Shoulders/torso, and Front/belly - just turn off the last two, and she can wear shirts without clipping!

Pose morphs: four expression morphs (that will only work for her, most likely) to move her ears forward, to the side, and back; and a snarl morph.

Her full look is also included as an appearance preset; however, as she has such a heavily modified morph, you need to be sure to add ColliderEditor plugin and load the "Kira2" collider preset (also in the VAR).
I was not able to edit her colliders to allow tongue physics to work, so please be sure to keep tongue physics turned off unless you're up for a challenge.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Let me know what you think of this content. I hopehopehope it's clear why this one took so darn long, and that she made the wait worth it
My next ambition is to whip out an elf look by the end of Elf Month, should be fairly simple and standard, a nice breather after this oeuvre. Wish me luck! =D

And, as always, let me know if you have any questions or issues! I have had intermittent problems with the upper jaw popping up, but reloading the scene, appearance preset, or a pose seems to fix it. Let me know if you experience this, and can help me track it down.



robert berlin

what a awesome idea! i love that your art


Wow! Really great mostergirl. I remember a long time back you were working on a were-girl and I figured it just fell off the radar completely but BAM! Here we are. I am seeing the upper jaw/teeth pop up when I change poses as well for the head morph @100%. Not sure what I can do on my end for that either.


Thanks!! Yep, I did a Halloween video with one, but that was cobbled together from the HFS morphs. Unlike this one, which was sculpted 100% from base G2F. As for the stupid jaw, my solution was to brute-force it back into place with the morphs "Teeth upper jaw up/down" and "Teeth upper jaw front/back," hopefully I got those names right, and I THINK they're base VAM morphs, at the back of the list if you just search "teeth". You need a big multiplier on the up/down one to get it far enough down, like 4X. Sorry for the bother, I wish I understood the problem! Let me know if that doesn't work.


wow omg or also: wtf? am i in heaven? I met her yesterday :) what a good job! Thanks a lot for this. I look forward to further development.


Thanks for appreciating!! I hope she plays nicely. =) Fair warning: some folks have had upper jaw problems with her (hopefully I can fix before the general release) - you may have to play with teethjawup/down/front/back morphs to put it back in place. Let me know if you need help!


In case anyone didn't catch it, the updated morph (now available on the Hub: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/kira-modern-werewolf.31965/) has been FIXED, the upper jaw no longer sticks out or requires morphs to put it back into place.


Hey, can you make more pictures of her, I'm interested


Happy to, what do you want to see? I've got two sets going right now, as you can see from the pictures in this post - Kira posing in the woods, and Kira staying with Brian, the "dogsitter." I was planning to continue the Kira & Brian one, to make a bit of a longer narrative set out of it (like the ones I have at https://www.syrinxo.com/supporters), or I'm happy to consider something else if you have a good idea in mind.


The translation software I used might not be able to do a better job of saying that Bridges ,are like plots


Oh, you mean make the story about training her, I think I understand. Yes, I can work that into the Brian set.