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Tall and highborne!

The mother of Jamie Azurebolt is a spitting image of her daughter. Just as curvy and soft, but also boasts a high degree of skill in using magic!

In her spare time, this sexy she-wolf loves to relax and enjoys the more carnal aspects of life~


This model is rigged, textured, groomed, and ready for animation.
It is surfaced with the PBR workflow and textures, giving it a lifelike feel.
The model can be memory consuming to render, so I recommend having at least 32GB of RAM.

The character is owned by https://www.furaffinity.net/user/novaduskpaw/.


In your files, you'll find the following

  • a Blender file which includes
    • The model
    • The rig
    • A camera and lighting setup
  • A folder containing the textures
  • The wiggle bones addon
  • The license + Terms and Conditions
  • A PDF containing
    • Information about the model
    • A few short tutorials and guidelines on how to use it
  • An invite link to my Discord server where you can
    • Get support for the model
    • Share your art with other artists
    • Stay informed about new model releases as well as new features

Technical Data


The product has been updated last on 16 October 2023

Blender Version



The model is compatible with Blender version 3.6.2+
Make sure to use this version or higher when using the model.
If you try to open the .blend file with a Blender version lower than 3.6.2, Blender might immediately close.
You can get the newest release here: https://www.blender.org/download/

It is compatible with both the Cycles and EEVEE render engines.

It is NOT natively compatible with Unity, Unreal Engine, Source Filmmaker, VRChat, Maya, etc.
If you wish to use the model in any of these applications, you will have to convert it.


  • 63893 Faces
  • 68321 Vertices
  • 127546 Tris

Terms and Conditions


What You CAN Do

  1. Customize the model and textures for yourself.
  2. Modify the files for use in other applications (Unity, VRChat, Unreal Engine, Source Filmmaker, etc.).
  3. Make 3D animations or other visual content with the model.
  4. Use the model for your own commission work, as long as you stay in bounds of your acquired license.

What You CAN'T Do

  1. Re-sell or redistribute the entire, or parts of the content.
  2. Share any assets, unless both parties have purchased the original assets.
  3. Re-sell the content together with other assets where the main purpose of the sale is redistributing the model.
    • e.g. You are not allowed to bundle the model together with a funny hat and resell that joined product, as it is clear that the biggest contribution to it is this model.
      • You can however use the model in a game of yours and sell that, as long as the game consists of many more parts than just the model.
  4. Use these assets in a manner intended to cause or encourage harm to others, or to promote a politically or religiously motivated message or agenda. This includes but is not limited to, modification of the assets, or using the assets in association with such purposes.

What You MUST Do

  1. Give credit whenever you post a piece of content which is making use of the model.
    • e.g. You make an animation with the model and upload it on social media. You must then provide a link to one of my social media sites, preferably Twitter: https://twitter.com/PictiSculpts.
      A few examples:
    • You can find a full list of my social media accounts in "Azurebolt Nemorni - Model Information.pdf", which you'll find in your downloads.
  2. You must also give credit to the owner of the character: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/novaduskpaw/
  3. Follow these stipulations when using the character:
    • Do not use the character in any content that includes any of the following:
      • Scat
      • Vore
      • Gore
      • Extreme Violence
      • Hateful Content

License Options

You have the following choices when it comes to the license. All are described below.
Note that the Rules still apply for each choice.

Personal License:

By purchasing this product with the Personal License, you are allowed to use it for an unlimited number of personal projects which do not give you a monetary benefit.
You can use it for studies, learning about rigging, posing and animating, porting it to other applications, as well as making art and sharing it online.

Limited Commercial License:

By purchasing this product with the Limited Commercial License, you are allowed to use it for an unlimited number of personal projects which do not give you a monetary benefit.
You are also allowed to use it in commercial products, as long as the cumulative sum of every project you use it in does not exceed 5000 USD.

A few examples:

  1. You have a Patreon where you post renders of my model consistently. If you make 500 USD from it a month, then after 10 months you have reached the maximum usage of this license.
  2. You make a game that uses my model. Once the sales reach 5000 USD in revenue, you have reached the maximum usage of this license.
  3. You are taking render commissions in which you use this model. Then once the cumulative income of those commissions reaches 5000 USD, you have reached the maximum usage of this license.

All of these examples stack together.

Extended Commercial License:

By purchasing this product with the Extended Commercial License, you are allowed to use it for an unlimited number of personal projects which do not give you a monetary benefit, as well as in an unlimited number of commercial projects.

You are not limited to a maximum number of revenue and can make as much profit with the purchased content as you like.

Commercial License Use Across Model Variants/Skins

The commercial licenses are valid for all purchases of the same base model.
That means that if you acquire a commercial license for one of my Azurebolt Nemorni models, regardless of its skin, it also applies to all other Azurebolt Nemorni variants you've purchased.
So to make money with any of them, you need to purchase a commercial license for one of them, and only personal licenses for the others.



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