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A happy and adventurous otter!
A technophile at heart, and always down to try new things!
Also an aficionado for bondage!

This is the version of her, after the machine had applied all of the tattoos and markings, showing her body off as something to be toyed with. A message to anyone bearing witness to her flesh!

This character has been made as a commission for https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/shm128iii/
They allowed me to share her here for free!


This model is rigged, textured and groomed, and is ready for animation.
It is surfaced with the PBR workflow and textures, giving it a lifelike feel.
The model can be memory consuming to render, so I recommend having at least 32GB of ram.


The model is compatible with Blender 3.5.1+
It is compatible with both the Cycles and EEVEE render engines.

It is NOT natively compatible with Unity, Unreal Engine, SFM, VRChat, Maya, etc.
If you wish to use the model in any of these applications, you will have to do the conversion yourself.


You will receive

  • a Blender file which includes
    • The model
    • The rig
    • A camera and lighting setup
  • A folder containing the textures
  • A folder for the wiggle bones addon
    • Containing the addon
    • A Readme
    • And a tutorial on how to use it
  • The license
  • And a few guidelines and short tutorials

Technical Data


  • Base Color (PNG)
  • Normal (ogl standard) (PNG)
  • Displacement (PSD)
  • ORM (Ambient Occlusion, Roughness, Metallic) (PNG)
  • HTS (Height, Thickness, Subsurface Scattering) (PNG)


  • 39876 Faces
  • 43664 Vertices
  • 79496 Tris

Terms and Conditions:

What you CAN do:

  • Customize the model and textures for yourself
  • Modify the files for use in other applications (Unity, VRChat, Unreal Engine, SFM, etc.)
  • Make 3D animations or visual content with the model as long as you put a link to my Gumroad or Twitter (https://picti.gumroad.com, https://twitter.com/PictiSculpts)
  • Use the model for your own commission work. As for how much of it you are allowed to use it for, check the License section below

What you CAN'T do:

  • Re-sell or redistribute the entire, or parts of the content
  • Share any assets, unless both parties have purchased the original assets
  • Re-sell the content together with other assets where the main purpose of the sale is redistributing the model
    • e.g. You are not allowed to bundle the model together with a funny hat and resell that joined product, as it is clear that the biggest contribution to it is my model.
    • You can however use the model in a game of yours and sell that, as long as the game consists of many more parts than just the model.
  • Use these assets in a manner intended to cause or encourage harm to others, or to promote a politically or religiously motivated message or agenda. This includes but not limited to, modification of the assets, or using the assets in association with such purposes.
  • Use the model in such a way where bodily harm is inflicted. This includes cutting, bruising, death, etc. This does NOT include widely accepted kinks such as BDSM or vore.

What you MUST do:

Extended Commercial License

By downloading this product, you get the Extended Commercial License.
You are allowed to use it for an unlimited number of personal projects which do not give you a monetary benefit, as well as in an unlimited number of commercial projects. You are not limited to a maximum number of revenue and can make as much profit with the purchased content as you like.



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