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Become a supporter to access various rewards, including my illustrations at their original size and highest quality, .PSD files, Meta .TXT files for generations, and more!

Accessing the Rewards

Once you become a member, you'll be able to download all rewards from the membership page in your Gumroad library. Posts letting you know each reward will appear in the post list. All rewards are packed using WinRAR so I would suggest using that as your app/program to unpack.

Discord: https://discord.gg/5F229VqPFs


Below are some of the rewards in detail:

  • Full Resolution Illustrations - All of my Pixiv released illustrations are downscaled for size since I edit and censor on a 8k monitor. By becoming a member, you get access to view the full resolution .PNG file.
  • Exclusive Variations, Alternatives, and Extra Images - Sometimes I make alternate versions of my illustrations or have large character drops. You will get access to these that are not normally posted for public view.
  • .PSD and Meta Data - You'll get access the the .PSD I use and the meta data in a .TXT files that was used to generate the the original image before it is cleaned, polished, and enhanced to the final product.



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