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Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

finally completed Nahida!

I'm sorry for taking over 2 weeks longer than expected. I really wanted to draw more to commemorate my first upload after the break.

I apologize for uploading the rewards for December supporters so late. Nahida will remain free for a long period!

I've written about the next upload in this announcement ->


in summary, I gave too much focus to Nahida and missed the time to complete the remaining two uploads. It's completely my fault.

I initially planned to complete HuoHuo and Rosmontis within this month and start the paid plan from next month. But after much consideration, I've decided to extend March as a free period and focus on uploading HuoHuo and Rosmontis with more quantity and quality. Sorry for deciding arbitrarily. Thank you for always waiting for me.

OH! talk about the drawing!

I was thinking about how to draw Nahida, and the scenery of Sumer was so beautiful that I wanted to draw a hot image that harmonizes with the background!

The secrecy of events unfolding underwater is truly an exhilarating situation!

I wanted to capture this special moment in a drawing, but I'm not sure if my technique is up to par.

Nahida somehow gives off a mature vibe, so she's incredibly cute!! Darn it!! I was so happy while drawing. Thanks for voting for her!

I hope the feeling I intended to convey reaches you all.

Thanks! The next upload will be HuoHuo. Instead of rushing to complete it, I'll take my time and redraw it to give a strong impression. It'll be available in about two weeks. Sorry! And thank you for reading this!!! Have a great day!!!!!!!

After uploading, I saw that there was a lot of volume!!

I was really happy while drawing it! WWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

OH! Don;'t forgot PineapplePizza!!!

It's "aweasome" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a good day!!!




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