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Updated 05/02/2022

Archives Here (older stuff)

new pass: z=ks5tEexG&&JA9~~p

Working Folders Here

new pass: A%%L48Squ#_zt+7ftT




Old links that where PMed will be valid for a few more weeks. Then I'll delete them.


"Working Folders Here" doesn't have a working link.


working folders link please


Hi georgex, Is there a working folders link release for plan a this month? Thanks! -Luri


Sadly I believe the last time georgex communicated with anyone was May, and since it has been almost four months of silence. It appears they had difficulty with piracy (this entire profile is currently up on the whatever-party website) and decided to delete the part A folder out of spite from what I can understand(?) before beginning their TBD hiatus from the community. 😭 It’s an extreme shame, as going over the scene files it is clear that georgex is one of the most talented creators in the community. Their work is streamlined and well-labeled, supported with audio, without broken animations, and actually comes with the lowest external dependency list I have ever seen in any creator’s releases. This meant these scenes largely play without any errors and that all dependencies are actually provided and fit in a nice succinct install. Some of the popular names on the scene struggle with broken releases and old outdated missing files, and audio accompany is RARE. Hoping for the best—