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I want to change the way i share those links with you. I'm thinking the following:

Make a post to share a link for each tier begining of month or period i think it's suitable and then keep the rest of the posts bublic with no links in them at all. This will make the post count smaller. You ok with that?

I have trios etc like the Nella & Zoey series that pt3 isn't done yet that will have to wait cause my GPU died and I stuck with an older generation one. So for a while where will be max 2 persons in a scene.

Is a bigger tier for Commissions something to consider?



New posting plan is fine with me.


Yes please no mega. Ican use upload.com,Great ider


Unfortunately Mega will stay. The rest have no issues with it. Idk what to do with you... :( Did you read my PM?


Your plan is fine and I think that it's right to consider a new level for commissions, better than an offer at request.


GX, please come visit your friends on Mega. We are worried about you. Miss you homie.