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I have completed two pieces and will post them together.This concludes the main scenario.Continuing, the story of another scenario begins.

两件作品已经完成,将一并发布。故事到此结束。 继续下去,另一个故事就会开始。



Story Summary Text(English&Chinese)


Last night he passed out in her room. Then in the morning he woke up. He still could not remember what happened last night. When he looked at her, he saw that her stomach was distended. He was surprised and terrified. And little by little he remembered the events of last night. She told him that she was going to have a baby soon and that you should watch over me. And then her delivery began.

Her anus opened wide and a red object came out from inside. She was in so much pain. Then she cried and gave birth to a large strange creature. She told me that our baby was born. Then she and the baby looked at me. She said, this baby looks just like you. He had no idea what she was talking about. He said there is no way this monster looks just like me. But then he looked at his hand and realized he was not human. She and the baby laughed eerily and said let's have more sex. He lost consciousness.


A few days later, he went to her room and she was very happy. He transformed into a tentacle and she, naked, had sex with him. She told him that once you have completely changed color to the color of a tentacle, I will also change into the tentacle form.

After a few more days, she transformed into a tentacle and waited for him. Then they had intense sex. She told him that she loved you. He was very happy too.


昨晚他在她房间里昏睡过去。 早上醒来时 他仍然不记得昨晚发生了什么。 当他看着她时,他看到她的肚子胀了起来。 他又惊又怕 渐渐地,他想起了昨晚发生的事情。 她告诉他,她马上就要生孩子了,你要照顾好我。 然后,她的分娩开始了。

她的肛门张开,一个红色的东西从里面出来。 她非常痛苦。 然后她哭着生下了一个奇怪的大家伙。 她说我们的孩子出生了。 然后她和孩子看着我。 她说这个孩子长得很像你。 他不知道她在说什么。 他说这个怪物不可能长得像我。 但当他看着自己的手时,他意识到自己不是人类。 她和婴儿发出诡异的笑声,说我们再做爱吧。 他失去了知觉。


几天后,他去了她的房间,她非常高兴。 他变成了触手,她赤身裸体地和他发生了性关系。 她告诉他,当你完全变成触手的颜色时,我也会变成触手的形状。

又过了几天,她变成了触手,等着他。 然后,他们发生了激烈的性关系。 她告诉他,她爱你。 他也非常高兴。

Next Preview

Post it in June.

将在 6 月份上传。

My friend has disappeared. No matter how many times I contacted him, he never returned my calls. Before he disappeared, he said this.

My sister is weird. I'm scared of her. I'm afraid she's going to kill me.

When I heard this, I said it couldn't be true. But now I regret it very much. So I decided to meet his sister and ask her what happened to my brother. But since his sister could be a murderer, he decided to meet her at school.

After school, I saw her go into the bathroom where people don't go near. I knew she was alone and needed to meet in a safe place, so I saw this as my chance. I went into the women's restroom and opened the door to the private room she had entered so that no one else would know.

一个朋友失踪了。 无论我联系他多少次,他都没有回来。 他失踪前说了这样一句话

我姐姐很奇怪 我很怕我姐姐 我怕她会杀了我

当我听到这句话时,我说这不可能是真的 但现在我非常后悔 所以我决定去见他姐姐 问问她我弟弟到底出了什么事 但因为他姐姐可能是凶手,所以他决定去学校见她。

放学后,我看见她走进厕所,那里没有人靠近她。 我知道她是一个人,需要在一个安全的地方见面,所以我认为这是我的机会。 我走进女厕所,打开了她进入的单间的门,这样其他人就不会知道了。

After the next

Post in early July.

将于 7 月初上传。






Happy tentacle loving times. Very nice to see. Very excited to see the next drawings once you do post them. Hopefully the move isn’t too much for you.


Very excited about the next work!


I liked the outcome of the story. Just a note, it was very fast the transformation of the girl, I feel that it was not appreciated as in other works. My humble opinion. Now let's wait for the next chapter.


You always do a good job! It seems that brother and sister are both very happy ^^ and the tentacles too! I always like it when they turn into tentacles afterwards. You draw it so well. My favourite!! I'm eager for the next part, as always!


Thx💖💖Since the brother is set to transform into a tentacle but still retain his memories, I think the story has become one of pure love between the two of them! The theme of the other story is that the tentacles are scary when they get angry, so please look forward to it!


Thx💖💖Even though she is parasitized by tentacles, she is pure and gentle, and she will do many things, so please look forward to it!


I'm glad you like the way they transformed into tentacles. They are happy because they transformed into tentacles and are having sex with each other's bodies intertwined with each other's! Looking forward to the next one!