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A follow up to the two previous pages! In this part, Lusamine is kept at the Team Skull headquarters awaiting Guzma's return. To prevent Nihilego from brainwashing her any further, the Skull members tied her tightly to a chair, preventing her from moving. Someone had a bit too much fun and applied a magic wand... How naughty!

Variants can be found in the Lusamine Folder in the Community chat!

Also, I'm sorry to those who expected a hood variant, they are very difficult to draw considering Lusamine's crazy hair, haha




Wow it’s even better in color! Love that steamy expression on her face and that super heavy duty gag. I can only imagine the wonderful noises she’d be making 😈


Everything about this set is just *chef's kiss*


incredibly hot, love the pose, her hair looks so perfect, and excessive bindings/tape rope combo always looks amazing in your style <3




That elaborate leg and foot rope arrangement is very nice to see, especially combined with the wand placement! Please consider doing that more for future scene. Also, any plans for a nude/breast exposed variant?

Su Yazzi



I fucking adore the idea that someone is bound and pleasured like that to keep them sane and from being put under the influence of another being. God It's so hot. Like just. Letting oneself be caught in absolute pleasure to keep themselves safe and secure.


I was satisfied with just the first two Lusamine pages, but boi am i glad you went for a third one


A poke milf bad end on the future 🗿


It's alright, but maybe we can have hood on Chizuru on part 2 bad end, that would be awesome hehe


Oh I love this one, and yeah a hood that can handle that hair would need some kind of dimensional technology lol Better to go with gags and masks :3