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After a hectic battle with the corrupt president of the Aether foundation at the hands of Nihilego, two grunts manage to overpower her and defeat her! Before she can unleash her plans, Guzma had the grunts ready to transport her. Although confused, the grunts complied and restrained her on the weird trolly, turning her into nothing more than a doll.

I wonder why Guzma had such a sophisticated wagon...

24 variants can be found in the bonus/poll winner dropbox in the community chat!





Lusamine gets a taste of her own medicene haha Great art btw


Hey there Bagel! I've noticed that I can't see your community chat anymore -- it seems to have disappeared. Lemme know if there's anything I may need to do on my end :3 Cheers!


Hey! My idea would be to log in and log out. Especially try using the desktop version


Ahhh I just gave that a shot and no luck either. Tried downloading the mobile app to see if that would do the trick but still nothing unfortunately :(

Iriga Avo

This must be the anime version cause last I checked, Lusamine and Guzma were tight(pun not intended😅). Would be kinda sad if video game Guzma did just turn on Lusamine.

Jason Hong

I keep getting an error whenever I click on the dropbox link in the community chat. Same applies to the previous dropbox files.


Great stuff! Do you have any plans for the Mami/Chizuru pt2?

Jason Hong

Yup. It works on my phone. Not sure why it doesn't work on my computer as it's my most preferred device when accessing dropbox.

Jason Hong

Nevermind. This whole time I clicked on the dropbox folder image when I was supposed to actually click the link. lol silly me 😂


Anytime you come out with one of these I am more and more like "Oh damn, I am INTO BDSM now! Nice!"


Could you make a new subfolder of all the images without the text boxes? Is it also possible to add nipple clamps to the nude variants?

Su Yazzi

I always wanted to see your take on Lusamine, and it did not disappoint! Amazing job


Bro this as a serie as Sonia previous work bro 🫦🗣️🔥🔥🔥


Oh this is perfect 🥰 karma is a bitch, isnt it Lusa


Always love to see a dominant personality get dominated. Especially love the cleave and tape/ballgag variants! Nude of course 😏