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Part 21 & 22

Nice cock bro 



Darrex Rogers

Yeah... it's gonna happen. Just girl up and make it happen Taylor! Thanks again, Dross!


What a great friend!


So they’re going to meet up right? Also a reminder to everyone don’t send unsolicited dick pic’s, nobody wants that including porn modals.

Caesar Zealad

"Damn he didn't reply, time to whip out my cock." - Socrates

Thomas Holland

Someone’s about the have a wet dream.


Fuck yes i hoped he'd get a dick pic


Dross your dick drawing skills are immaculate😍😍

Caesar Zealad

Yeah was gonna say, this is cute and all because it's porn but dear lord don't send anyone pictures of your dick, butthole, pussy, or ankles without them explicitly stating they're cool with that. If this was in any way realistic then this mofo would get sent to the shadow realm.

Caesar Zealad

And tits, don't think your tits are fine just because I didn't mention those!


It's definitely happening lmao


Yeah... definitely not happening...

Caesar Zealad

NGL he’s super cute on that second panel on page 21. Just wish he didn’t have terrible taste in men XD

Reba Dixie

Gosh Taylor is so cute!!! I don’t know how many times I already said that! XD


I love how in dross lore if your foreskin is pulled back youre a designated top lol