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Big Caleb milkers


Dross I'm having a day you can't just drop this on me without warning


more of this outfit please and thank you


I needed this today.


😳 does this mean that the farm boi comic is making a return?


I’m not gonna lie Dross you been pumping out great pieces of art consistently. So good job and keep at it.


Dude, tell us the truth: you went out for while to be turned into a cyborg! But please, keep it like this lmao

New Republic Knight

Caleb looks so cute and insanely hot wearing his sexy revealing cowboy outfit!!! The horns are a very nice touch!!! Definitely would love to see more pictures of him wearing this sexy cowboy outfit in the future!!! Caleb is definitely one of my personal favorite Trap/Femboy OCs alongside Cody, Jade, Jamie, Skater Boi and Kimono Boi!!! 🥵👌💯


I'd definitely help with that 🤣


"My good sir, you will not be the one getting milked, you will be the one getting said milk." This is just stunning!


I NEED more Cowboi Caleb 😩


All that training in TLOZ will finally pay off.


my keyboard is covered in my drool


The dream is to walk out to my barn and see this. Goddamn. Dross is the boss. Caleb joins #1 spot in book with Cody. Just need a Caleb x Cody comic to make it official. 😝


Cowboi Caleb getting fugged hard and deep plz 🙏

Nagatoro smirk™ ╥﹏╥

pog I’ve always loved his adorable style, love his hair, and his cute pink shirt 🤤


Of course I’ll milk you, where do I sign up😏




Yes, yes it is good!


Alright. This is now my favourite one you've done


That is really cool! Perfect attire for a hot and humid summer day.


You're a blessing, Dross

Scott Riley

Will Caleb see action in this outfit?

Darrex Rogers

Caleb is one of my faves. Definitely looking forward to seeing him get milked!

Jay Lee

It would be interesting to see him get milked in both ways. ;)


Oh gods yes! Caleb, Ash, and the Orc are my absolute favorites!

New Republic Knight

Your artwork is absolutely amazing Dross!!! You always draw the best Traps/Femboys!!! Your Trap/Femboy OCs are the best on the entire Internet!!! It’s awesome to see you pumping out all this beautifully drawn and visually stunning masterpieces!!! This picture of Caleb wearing a sexy cowboy outfit looks absolutely amazing!!! That would be absolutely amazing to see Caleb wearing his sexy cowboy outfit getting “milked” by a milking machine while showing of his smooth curvy ass, tight boi pussy, smooth balls and feminine penis being milked by the machine. Just spitballing here I just wanted to get this idea out of my head how about a group picture of Caleb, Cody, Ash, Jade and Jamie wearing sexy cowboys outfits hooked up to their own individual milking machine with each of them having their own milking containers showing how much “milk” each of them has produced. That would be both insanely hot and outrageously sexy!!! 🥵👌💯


I love sexy Caleb! He is sooo cute and adorable, a total cutie pie i wanna eat him up with a spoon! I wanna milk him like a cow! Moo! 🐮🐄🥛💛


Thank you 🙏 I never actually considered the milking machine idea, seems pretty obvious now. The new pic I'm working on with him does involve him being milked another way but now I'm considering the milking machine idea for a future pic with him.