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An heir to the throne... and your poor, tired staff. Always cleaning up after your degenerate messes... Your royal status can't help you when the entire kingdom knows you're a disgusting deviant. A depraved pervert!

Your disgruntled maid is disappointed to find you naked on the living room sofa... Doing God knows what... And she knows it's high time you were taught a harsh lesson on respect.

You're a rich spoiled brat who treats your staff inappropriately... Always gawking and pulling "pranks" and being all around disgusting... It's only fitting that you'd be made to lick spit off of the floor, deepthroat a high-heel, and become the sad, abused maid yourself~




You're amazing mommy I will literally drop everything and listen to it now💋❤️


I'm speechless.


God, this was such a turn on. Incredible.. might have to get a maid outfit and re listen to it


true this was one of my most favorite fantasies and mommy blew my expectations i love it.