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^u^ heheh binging this series again!


LiW 1x7

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Epic Awkward! Alicia story time was best part of the episode.


Thanks for the double upload on Love Is War


Yu is based of Ant


The Weiner segment is a weird case where the localization did the best it could, but the pun can't really translate 1 to 1. Chika wasn't actually talking about Pesu's penis, "Chin chin" refers in this instance to the trick where a dog sits up on his haunches, paws up. Chika was saying he looks funny doing it, but Kaguya, with her grade school-level sex joke brain, is hearing something else entirely. The joke still lands, but many people come away from the scene thinking Chika is straight up talking about red rockets.


"Dude, this guy literally goes into the darkest thought path every time." Alicia not realizing she's describing both Ishigami and Ant fr fr. 🤣

Reiko Lupus

Well depressed people are indeed excempt from paying taxes! XD


"It was a life lived full of liking big ones and small ones."


Ishigami is a treasure and he must be protected


I love my boy Ishigami, but he deserved every bit of that newspaper beatdown.


Mfw i only just found out that Alicia has been doing Kaguya reactions. Banger.


Just a heads up, I got a notification that episode 8 of love is war was uploaded, but then it leads to Vinland saga.

Nuclear Boarhead

Fujiwara trans girl confirmed. Kinda. I knew I felt kinship with her for some reason lmao.