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:3 you're getting a lot of videos today!! GET READY HOMIES!!


jjba 3x28

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VJ Sins

Jojo only used the Major arcana tarot, which are only 22 cards, with only The World left. It could have been more if they used the Minor Arcana too which is 56 cards, the total being 78, but once again, just one card left


Alicia, if you just want your dad to react with you, there are a couple JoJo episodes coming soon that might be able to keep him entertained. I'm thinking 35 if you wanna show him something more tense and dramatic, and 37 if you think comedy is more suited for him. On the subject of dads, mine read the first three parts of the manga back in 2006, and he LOVED Oingo & Boingo, outright calling it one of the funniest things he had ever seen. He was 54 years old at the time, and even now at 70 years old he still has VERY fond memories of the chapters/episode (he has watched all Parts of the anime, and read the manga all the way up to 2/3rds of Part 8)


I played basketball when I was young, then got introduced to judo in my early teens to late teens. Once while getting up, my fat ass brother decided to flop straight on my side making my ribcage smash together I had to take pills for weeks.

Lemon Rat

Thank you for the episode! I hope you're feeling alright today both of you, much love <3

Rick Baron

If it's about big burly dudes fighting in prison and it starts with a "B" it should be Baki, it could also be JoJo part 6 but there's not as many dudes there

Rick Baron

There's only 1 card from tarot left "the world" which they suppose is Dio's, there's also hol horse still at large with "the emperor"


ik people have said it but I think it's definitely Baki

Alexandre Géhin

maybe have your dad to react to some of the music you listen to, or anime openings or smtg like that? if he hasn't already


If its insanely huge men big and muscly, definitely Baki


"Likes women, but doesn't want to hear them talk." This is unfortunately a common viewpoint to see online.

Divi Forrester

Anubis having a development potential of C is entirely bullshit lmao


I'm going to assume that Ant's coworker was referring to My Hero Academia, and mistook an episode about the sports festival as "a bunch of kids in prison fighting in an arena".


The "Stand stats" in general are kind of hokum, mostly because the scaling makes no sense and are sometimes inaccurate. If I'm not mistaken, Araki said he added them because he felt like it would make it easier for readers to grasp a Stand's strength and abilities at a glance, like Pokemon (though they were added to the Part 3 anime, they actually started appearing in the manga in Part 5, which Pokemon released a year into its run).


I have a cousin I had not seen in quite a few years come over to a family gathering, partway through the night someone brought up Smash bros and he goes, "No, I hate that game, I practiced all the time but whenever we played you still beat my ass and I will never forget." I had completely forgotten that I babysat him a bunch when he was like 8. I really hope I didn't do what your Dad did when I won but it might be funnier if I did.