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Hey there! Sleepy Alicia here :3

I had an amazing recording session with Ant today which means we got JoJo's and Vox Machina on the way! This weekend I will be getting some more redemptions done :D We caught up with the Horimiya and Gundam redemptions. Now onto the rest!

I'm gonna get back to work now. Don't forget to join the discord also check out my twitterhttps://twitter.com/aliciaxlifeVT where I just do updates and shit post LOLOL ^u^ 

If you have any questions or anything feel free to @ me in the patreon only section within the discord. Please refrain from dming me on discord. :D much appreciated! Love y'all


John Spartan

I don't use discord. Can I ask if Kaguya is on pause or dropped?


paused :D I'm bringing it back for valentines week to wrap up season 1 thought it would be the perfect time

John Spartan

Thanks a lot for answering, you're the best \o/


Super hype to see the vox machina stuff!

Joey Cat

Thanks for the updates queen :)