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Hello everyone, Corintio here!

I was not expecting Heather to get so many votes on the last character poll I did, but it was a welcome surprise. Even though she's not a character that will be part of Kalyskah's main story, she's one of the pillars of the overarching story I intend to tell in the following years. Just like Rosália and Geneviève also are.

So with that poll in mind, I decided to go through my notes and share just a little more about characters that won't be seen very early in the story but that could have piqued your curiosity judging by the poll. So I'll skip discussing Merishya, Umbrariel, Jessie, Natasha, etc because all of these characters will be in the first chapter after the prologue and we'll add them anyway to the game (and the brothel) as soon as their models are ready. However, the poll will tell if they are going to have more or less dialogue lines over there from the beginning.

Let's start with Geneviève(left) and Heather(right):

Their first appearance was in a book that I wrote a few years before started working on Kalyskah. Since I released it at a Comic-Con here in Brazil and never really published it in a major place, I ended up uploading the story to my Wattapad. Since it's in Portuguese I'll make a quick summary of the story for you:

It's called A Anfitriã, which translates to The Hostess.

It happens in a fictional France during the XVIII century and starts with the Irish sorceress Orla O'Neil falling from a portal right by Heather's house. The sorceress was on the run and had a broken rib. She falls unconscious. When she wakes up, she sees that her injuries are being treated by a pale woman with brown hair in fringe, pale green eyes and a sympathetic smile. Orla doesn't trust that woman, who tells her name is Heather, because she could feel how cold she was. So she comes up with a fake name, Geneviève. The two have a philosophical debate about altruism and vampirism, and slowly Geneviève begins to trust Heather more. I won't spoil more because I still plan to someday translate this story into English.

In any case, Heather has the description I mentioned above with the plus that she's supposed to have a strong blend between French and English accent (Her mother was English but she grew up in France) and also has gigantic leathery bat wings, that she hides most of the time. I tried to draw her recently but I'm not even 10% the artist Alexandre Tso, who did the art above, is. So take it mostly as a vibe of the character. So in the game, her face would look more like the black and white drawing Alexandre Tso did above, not the one bellow:

Not in the book I wrote, but somewhere along the future of the story, Geneviève would become a revenant, which is a type of vampire that self-created themselves after their sudden death while having unfinished business (Similar to how Kalyskah herself became a vampire too). So the version of Geneviève that we would show in the game is always wearing a coat (That we'll adapt to medieval times), a very serious and determined gaze, using her hair tied in a bun. She also wears magical glasses. The only image of her, other than the drawing Alexandre Tso did, is this really rough sketch:

What would they be doing in Kalyskah's world?
The answer is nothing, they are not characters from her world. But as I mentioned on the poll, Nemesis' Brothel, which will be the new Gallery once it's done, is a place between places, think of it like Worlds' End Inn from Neil Gaiman's Sandman story. That allows characters that are in Kalyskah's universe, but not necessarily in her world, to interact with her. The Garden of Early Delights can serve as this interesting place for us to tease some of the lore we won't be able to tell inside Kalysakh's story.


Rosália will be found during the Kalyskah game. Probably in chapter 1 but we aren't sure yet. Which makes it harder to talk about her without giving spoilers. What I can say is that she has an athletic body, scars all over her body, a Romanian accent and she wouldn't be at the brothel for the erotic side of entertainment, but more so she can participate in fights at the Arena.

Yes, we will add an Arena mode where you can test your skill trying to survive waves of enemies. This mode will make much more sense once we review the combat with different styles of weapons and grips though.

So there won't be erotic interactions with her, at least not in a way that I think would fit her character. And her personality? She's very introspective and keeps it to herself. But do not anger her...

Here's a concept of her made by Eddie Vieira:


I've seen that Gabriela got many votes so I decided to talk more about her: She's half elf-half human, but still believes in some sort of 'elven supremacy'. The problem is, she's a little too crazy, mostly in a comical way. A collector of pretty things who enjoys spending her time doing a series or ridiculous art. She's bubbly and will show up only later in Kalysakh's story. She walks around mounted on an Imp, she'll be the owner of a university we plan to add to the game in a far, far future. So similar to Rosália, I can't talk much about her without giving spoilers. The imp would be in our Queue to model but we can't guarantee it would be done this year due to other priorities.... But yeah, once we have the imp, there might be. Uh... libidinous act that Kalyskah would be able to perform with it!

I've made a drawing of her a long, long time ago. This is just to give you an idea of the character:

I hope this can help our Patrons to visualize a bit more some of the characters they voted for. Let us know in the comments if you have more questions or would like to know more about other characters featured in the poll!



I love the designs! Very nice!