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[Poll] Character Poll!

  • Merishya 28
  • Rosália 5
  • Gabriela 21
  • Umbrariel 5
  • Ilreth 5
  • Luanna 14
  • Heather 15
  • Geneviève 4
  • Loretta 13
  • Natasha 8
  • Jessie 28
  • James 8
  • Maynard 5
  • Henrysson 9
  • Brownyn 2
  • Alliester 1
  • Rulfio 3
  • Eckhart 7
  • 2024-03-25
  • —2024-05-01
  • 181 votes
{'title': '[Poll] Character Poll!', 'choices': [{'text': 'Merishya', 'votes': 28}, {'text': 'Rosália ', 'votes': 5}, {'text': 'Gabriela', 'votes': 21}, {'text': 'Umbrariel', 'votes': 5}, {'text': 'Ilreth', 'votes': 5}, {'text': 'Luanna', 'votes': 14}, {'text': 'Heather', 'votes': 15}, {'text': 'Geneviève', 'votes': 4}, {'text': 'Loretta', 'votes': 13}, {'text': 'Natasha', 'votes': 8}, {'text': 'Jessie', 'votes': 28}, {'text': 'James', 'votes': 8}, {'text': 'Maynard', 'votes': 5}, {'text': 'Henrysson', 'votes': 9}, {'text': 'Brownyn', 'votes': 2}, {'text': 'Alliester', 'votes': 1}, {'text': 'Rulfio ', 'votes': 3}, {'text': 'Eckhart', 'votes': 7}], 'closes_at': datetime.datetime(2024, 5, 1, 22, 12, tzinfo=datetime.timezone.utc), 'created_at': datetime.datetime(2024, 3, 25, 21, 31, 43, tzinfo=datetime.timezone.utc), 'description': None, 'allows_multiple': True, 'total_votes': 181}


Hello everyone, we are working on a way to unify the Gallery of the game into a place that will be called The Garden of Earthly Delights, run by the succubus Nemesis!

It's a brothel and I'd like to add a few characters to the place so you can have interactions with them and also some chatter. We plan to limit it to 3, and later expand to 5. Nemesis' Garden is like... a place between places. So there's room for adding characters that wouldn't otherwise ever meet each other in the game, which opens room to some interesting things.

For now, The Garden will be its own standalone level, but later on in Chapter 2 of the story, when you have access to the capital of Thulgatha, you'll see it in the big town.

I will list some characters that we have planned for the game here, and many of them won't really ring a bell because right now they only exist on paper. But still, feel free to select the 5 ones you'd like to see the most because I'll work on the scripts in order of votes. Thank you very much!

Character List

Female Characters:

  • Nemesis: There's no escape from here, she's the owner of the establishment so she won't be on the poll because she will be there anyways.

  • Merishya: The succubus that came from another world and was trapped in Kalyskah's dungeons for as long as Kalyskah.

  • Rosália Bathory: A mysterious professor who is sad all the time. She would be around for you to speak with but there wouldn't be sexual interactions with her because she's frigid, and wouldn't fit her character.

  • Gabriela: An elven goth and very bubbly vampire that walks around mounted on an imp (Imp wouldn't be modelled yet).

  • Umbrariel: The angel of darkness, the side of Akrasiel that is her impulsiveness. She's a bit of a masochist though....

  • Ilreth: The artificer elf that helps Kalyskah investigate the crystals in the prologue.

  • Luanna: The shy female guard who seems to be Henrysson's accomplice.

  • Heather: A vampire with leathery wings that has a French accent and a very bubbly personality. She's not from Kalyskah's world, but she's in the lore of the universe we have in the game and would only appear in Nemesis' brothel.

  • Geneviève: Heather's wife, she's a scholar and would probably be there because her wife dragged her to the place. She means business... but it's rather clumsy.

  • Loretta (Or Lottie, to the friends): She's the mysterious owner of the pawnshop in Millhaven who has given a shard of Kalyskah's blood gem to her, free of charge, only asked Kalyskah to 'keep that memory'.

  • Natasha: A heavily tattooed and creepy young woman who lives in the swamps, isolated from close to Millhaven. It is said that she's a necromancer!

  • Jessie: The prankster nurse of Millhaven. Easily swayed by gold and well, she used to study alchemy with an orc!

Male Characters:

  • James: The first vampire Kalyskah creates after the prologue.

  • Maynard: Like alphas in a wolf pack, Maynard became the new leader of the Bandit Clan when he challenged the last leader, Eckhart and defeated him. Surprisingly, Maynard chose to let him run away with his tail between his legs rather than granting him death. A war veteran and once-soldier who now runs Millhaven.

  • Henrysson: The jerk-guard of Millhaven that asks Kalyskah to do caliente things for him before entering the town.

  • Brownyn: The very professional and respectable owner of the brothel in Millhaven.

  • Alliester: Allister is a man who wastes little words and little time. He scorns those who are not useful in one way or another, and while he can be very charming, he can also be terrible if he so pleases. He is the son of the man who used to own Millhaven.

  • Rulfio the Ravager: A middle-aged man, still quite strong. Second-in-command to Marauder Maynard. Shield brothers in battle, Rulfio took Maynard under his wing and treated him as something somewhere between a son and an old friend.

  • Eckhart: Violent and bloodthirsty, this is the bandit lord who opposes Maynard in the civil war that is happening inside the quarantined area of Millhaven. He's far more feral than Maynard and lacks the honour that the current leader has, but one can't deny that his methods are efficient.



Ilreth because yes. Jessie because it's almost impossible to think she wouldn't go to a place like that. And James because going from a human to a vampire he would have comparatively infinite stamina and would probably want to test it out. And then whoever else 🤷‍♂️


Oh yeah! Jessie is even a member of the puppeteers hehe You can see her giving a blowjob to a guy at the ceremony that Kalyskah joins the place. She's quite kinky actually!


I'm interested to know if Maynard will be bald like Maynard :D or if he's in any way resembling MJK